Why Johnny Guitar's?

Rockin' Murfreesboro since 2007

Definitely NOT Your Pappy's Guitar Store, and here's why...

You're welcome to come in anytime and try out as many guitars as you like. Plug-in and play! We've even got a PA equipped stage waiting for you to come in and perform, if you like.

Why is that so important to us? Because we remember being kids and getting chased out of our local guitar store because all we could afford to do was stand there and drool at our dream guitars and try to imagine what they sounded like. Occasionally we could try them out, but not without some grumpy old salesman breathing down our necks during our entire two minute limit. That's no fun, and we think fun and music is what guitars are all about.

Whether you're looking for your very first guitar or perhaps just jonesin' to add something new to your extensive collection, we've got you covered! We're Murfreesboro's only authorized retailer of Cort™ and Morgan Monroe™ electric and acoustic guitars. We also carry some beautiful acoustic electric guitars from Luna™ and Samick and are now an official dealer of the Musicman Sterling series electrics and basses!

We've also got some great deals on used gear, with some occasional vintage classics from Fender, Gibson, Gretsch and more. Stock varies based on availability, so it's a good idea to check often and see what we have.

The same applies for deals on used and vintage amps.

We also carry new and used pedals & FX boxes to round out your sound. In fact, we try to cover all your guitar needs from strings, picks, capos and cleaning kits and more -- like microphones and mic stands.

Need lessons? You can get those here, too! Our friendly staff includes a bevy of music instructors who are ready and willing to teach anyone who wants to learn.

Simply put, our mission is to send you home with a quality new or used guitar and do what we can to help you get years of enjoyment from your proud purchase.