What's the Difference??

Have you ever walked into a guitar store and seen two acoustic guitars that look virtually identical except for the price tag? One costs somewhere around $150 and the other might be as much as $500. So, what's the difference?

In most cases, the first significant increase in price of an acoustic guitar occurs when the top is made out of solid wood (usually spruce or cedar), rather than laminated wood (think plywood) with a thin spruce veneer. The veneer gives the guitar the same appearance of the solid topped guitar, but that's pretty much where it all ends.

Laminated tops typically lack the tonal response of solid spruce or cedar. In addition their sound won't improve with age the way a solid top will. Because a laminate topped guitar is not usually built to the quality standards of a solid top, other parts like tuners, saddle, nut and bridge are often of lesser quality, allowing the price to be lower, as well.

I don't mean to say that a laminate topped guitar has no value. It is the perfect choice for the beginning guitarist who is not sure if this new musical experiment will last a few months or a lifetime. These guitars play as well as many solid tops and their sound is totally acceptable. Why invest heavily in an instrument until you know the commitment and ability are there?

We always try to keep a variety of both laminate and solid tops in the store. Come on by and do the "blind taste test" yourself. We'll be happy to answer any questions and make sure you get the guitar you need, regardless of price.