Lesson Payments & Cancellations

Hey Kids (transparent)

At Johnny Guitar’s we try our best to give great service at good prices. We work hard with our Parents and Students to make sure you are getting the best service for your money.

Our lesson payment policy is as follows:

1. We ask that payment for lessons be made at the beginning of each month.

2. We ask that you call us to cancel your lessons with as much advanced notice as possible. This way we can alert our instructors on the change with their schedule.

3. If you have paid for your lessons, we will gladly carry over missed lessons, without charge, to the following month as long as we have been contacted about a cancellation.

4. If you have not called to cancel a lesson, we cannot carry that lesson over to the next month.

5. If you miss more than 2 consecutive lessons without calling and cancelling you will be removed from the schedule. We cannot hold a scheduled time open for that long. Of course, we understand that emergencies will come up. We will do our best to work with you on any problems that may arise.