Johnny Guitar's: From Music Shop to Musical Institute

It's time to downsize Johnny Guitar's. Everybody else is doing it, why not us? Our lesson program is the heart of our operation and will remain so, becoming the new focal point of Johny Guitar's.

We will no longer need the large showroom space at our location here at 1370 W. Clark. We'll be moving the lesson program next door, to co-locate with Leslie Hall Dance Studios on February 1st. All lesson times will remain unchanged; you can even continue to park in our current lot and walk across the lawn to our new location.

The new place will offer larger lesson rooms and rehearsal space for Johnnaroo as well as performance space for our Christmas Extravaganza next year. We'll also continue to partner with 3 Brother's Deli for our student showcases every other month.

With our focus now on the lesson program, we'll be looking for enhancements to our students' learning experience. We truly believe we have a family in all of our students and will continue to make it our priority to do everything we can to develop their musical talents and interests.

If you're looking for a place to take your children to learn and develop musical interests or if you just want to take up the guitar, banjo, fiddle, keyboard or sing yourself, we believe we are the best choice in the area and would like to prove it to you. As always your first lesson is free, just to be sure it's something you want to do.

Hope to see you at our new digs at 1431 Battleground Drive, an easy frisbee toss from Johnny Guitar's.