Why Us?

Why we do what we do.

Why Johnny Guitar's?

Rockin' Murfreesboro since 2007

Definitely NOT Your Pappy's Guitar Store, and here's why...

You're welcome to come in anytime and try out as many guitars as you like. Plug-in and play! We've even got a PA equipped stage waiting for you to come in and perform, if you like.

Why is that so important to us? Because we remember being kids and getting chased out of our local guitar store because all we could afford to do was stand there and drool at our dream guitars and try to imagine what they sounded like. Occasionally we could try them out, but not without some grumpy old salesman breathing down our necks during our entire two minute limit. That's no fun, and we think fun and music is what guitars are all about.

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Johnny Guitar's Selected One the Nation's Top 100 Dealers!!

I am honored to tell you that Johnny Guitar's was recently selected by the National Association of Music Merchants as one of the top 100 dealers in the country. The association represents about 8,000 music dealers nationwide and conducts several convention-type events throughout the year. The next one will be in Nashville from 21-23 July.

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Location and Driving Directions

How to Find Us

We're now located at 1431 Battleground Drive, collocated with the SoZo Dance Academy, across from Ascend Federal Credit Union.

For more information on starting lessons or lessons by appointment, contact us here or call us at 615-896-5151.

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Staff Profile: Bob "Johnny Guitar" Fitzgerald

JG Teacher

Sometimes also known as "Fitz."

Bob got his first guitar in 1963, just as The Beatles were arriving in North America. He’s been hooked ever since.

Playing in rock & roll bands in his teens, performing as a solo artist in his 20s and 30s and back to rock & roll. Since then, he’s shown people of all ages the joy of playing music. After serving for 30 years in the military, he’s finally able to devote all of his attention to his true passion .

Keeping Mom & Pop Alive

The 3-50 Project

Don't worry. I'm not using using my blog to lecture you about the current controversies surrounding end-of-life directives. I'm talkin' about an important issue that's near and dear to our hearts here at Johnny Guitar's Music Shop: keeping owner-operated businesses, "Mom & Pops," alive.

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