The Flip Has Been Switched! (huh?)

Used Gear Sound Dude

If you've been to Johnny Guitar's web site recently then you know that we launched a new and improved version of the site, but it didn't include any guitars, amps or other gear that, of course, is probably why you visited the site in the first place, if it wasn't to learn more about our lessons and our fantastic staff of music instructors.

That's just changed.

We still don't have all of our gear and accessories online yet, but TJ and I have been rockin' and now there's a bevy of gear goodies awaiting you, with plenty more to come, so Johnny gave the "thumbs up" to flip the switch and now you can jump right in and do some online window shopping.

For now you won't need to mess with any shopping carts or credit cards, but just take a look of the great gear we have in the store and then come on down and visit. If you live too far away for that and see something that interests you, please don't hesitate to call and let Johnny or Terri or TJ help you work out a win-win situation. We've got satisfied customers all over the world, and it's all been accomplished with a personal touch.

Of course, if you do live close enough to visit us, please do. It's always best when you can try out the gear you've got your eye on, and Johnny Guitar's music store is always ready to work with you on getting a great deal.

So even though we've got this nifty new web site to look at, we look forward to seeing you, too!