Finally, The USA is Picking Up On Cort Guitars!!

I learned about Cort guitars while stationed in Europe with the Army. It was in the late 90's. I was looking for an inexpensive electric guitar that still provided a level of quality that could stand up to the weekly gigging I was doing on the weekend.

What a surprise when I played several Cort electrics and then checked out the acoustics, as well. The quality was way beyond what I expected! Apparently the Europeans have been aware of Cort for awhile. Cort has actively promoted themselves over there; you can't go into a music store there without running across several Cort guitars. The folks over there can't afford the American made megabrands and naturally opt out for the best quality at the best price. That is readily recognized over there as Cort.

Cort has recently increased its promotion here in the states. They've begun making various signature models, most recently the Gene Simmons Axe Bass, as well as enlarging the overall product placement here that used to only exist overseas. We can see this by the exponential increase in web inquiries about our Cort guitars, as we are one of the few in the area, let alone country, that carry Cort as our main line of instruments.

I currently own several Corts, both electric and acoustic. Considering I own my own store and have the opportunity to buy a lot of gear at considerably great prices, I think it goes a long way in validating the quality all these instruments possess.

If you're considering buying a Cort, by all means find a dealer, try one out and see for yourself how great a guitar can be for a very affordable price. If you're looking to purchase one on-line, call me and I'll walk you through my own experiences and recommend the most suited one for your needs. You'll get the benefit of a knowledgeable salesperson and the best internet price all at the same time!

Give me a call.