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Cort MR-100F

Cort MR-100F

MR Series - When Tradition meets Technology

The MR Series combines the advanced Fishman® electronics with the tradition of Cort's finest acoustic instrument. Its unique cutaway body design gives the player full access to the higher frets and the Fishman® electronics enhance the big warm sound of the MR.

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Cort M-200


M Series - Classic Reinvented

Double Cutaway solid Mahogany body with a beautifully carved top. The TonePros locking bridge system offers incredible sustain and warmth with humbucker pickups.

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Cort L100F

Cort L 100C

Cort Luce Series - Thin Design, Huge Sound

If you've ever felt a Dreadnaught or Jumbo wasn't for you, then the Luce Series just might be the perfect fit. Designed to be acoustically as well as aesthetically pleasing, Cort's new small body series will deliver a superbly delicate and complex tone.

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Cort KX5

Cort KX5 (Black)

The KX Series has a sleek body design that is lightweight and well balanced. It's string-thru body design with the TonePros® locking bridge system delivers endless tone and sustain.

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Cort G200

Cort G 200 (Black)

The Power of Versatility
The G Series versatile pickup configurations & electronics, wood selections, and super fast maple neck will enlarge your sonic possibilities, and is great for any style of music.

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Cort Earth 70E

Cort Earth 70E

The Earth Series is the oldest and most traditional Dreadnought Acoustic based on more than 40 years of craftsmanship. The Earth boasts a huge warm tone that is well definined across the complete sectrum of sound and beyond. The 70E is equipped with FISHMAN Ion electronics with a sonicore pickup and available in a natural finish

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Cort AF 550

Cort AF 550

The Cort Standard Series is an affordable and "Ready to Play" acoustic featuring many of the same design qualities as Cort's higher end instruments. Implementing their time-proven technology, the Standard Series sets a new standard for affordability.

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Cort Action Jr.

Cort Action Jr. (black)

From Funk to Metal, Take Action!

Action Bass is an affordable dream machine featuring many of the design qualities as Cort's full scale bass guitars.

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