The Beatles at Busch Stadium

Beatle at Busch

Okay, so I admit. I was part of Beatlemania back in the 60’s. Although I didn’t act like a screaming banshee when I went to their concert, my heart defi-nitely went through the roof when I saw them walk from the dugout to their stage at second base. I mean like, I was actually in the presence of The Beatles! It was raining out and the sound system was horrible, but nobody cared; we were there! One week later they announced they were finishing tour-ing and never played together in the USA again. Whew! Just in time. That was the best $5.50 my mother ever spent on me!!

So everybody take out their Beatles LP’s, blow off the dust and listen to the greatest music ever re-corded. If you don’t know what an LP is, then take out your Beatles CD or download it to your IPOD, whatever it takes…..and get rockin’!!”