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Cort Action

This sweet P/J setup is beautifully contoured with a satin finish over a walnut stain.

Cort Action V Deluxe
Cort Action V

Exotic Wood Top
The highly figured top on the Action DLX provides it with its truly deluxe appearance.

Active EQ and Versatile Controls
The active electronics on the Action DLX deliver the tone that today's players need. A wide arrange of controls provide you with the ability to craft your sound for you music.

Cort T-34

The Cort T 34 bass is crafted with an agathis body, classy binding and a bolt on maple neck/rosewood fingerboard combination. The two black covered soapbar pickups are boosted by the 2 band active onboard EQ system. It is available in Black, White Pearl, and Geometric Copper finishes.

Curbow by Cort

!!!!! REDUCED PRICE...LOOK - - $399.99!!!!!! The Cort Curbow is available in 4 and 5 string models as well as a fretless model. The Curbow is equipped with a Bartolini active MK-1 pickup and MK-2 onboard EQ preamp. The 3 band EQ offers a variety of tonal options and includes a 'slap switch' that automatically cuts the mid-range while boosting the treble and bass frequencies. The Ebonol fingerboard is a composite material that is sturdy yielding a bright oval tone similar to Ebony but with a distinct character.

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Cort Action Jr. (black)
Cort Action Jr.

From Funk to Metal, Take Action!

Action Bass is an affordable dream machine featuring many of the design qualities as Cort's full scale bass guitars.

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Samick AB2
Samick Regency Bass AB-2

There is something almost indescribable about the warmth of acoustic music. The round tones, the musical purity, and the resonance generated by acoustic instruments draw the listener into the inner circle of the musical experience.

The Acoustic Bass provides the foundation on which all other acoustic instruments build their harmony. A strong, sustaining tone yet a richness in its ability to blend, is the pure definition of an Acoustic Bass Guitar.

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Stagg B370

This Jazz Bass style is super sweet. Great funk growl with both pickups full blast and a super mellow tone out of the neck pick-up with the tone rolled-off. The neck is full and easy for you non-traditionalists. This guitar has a beautiful natural finish, pearloid pickguard and classy off-white pickups.

Stagg MB300

This monster is solid with a powerful passive humbucker with volume and tone controls.