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ModTone - Vintage Wah

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ModTone - Vintage Wah
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!!!ADDITIONAL 20% OFF!!! The ModTone MT-WAH is a faithful reproduction of the classic wah wah pedal used on stages, studios and jam rooms all over the globe. Updated for today’s modern player with a nod to 60’s designs, the MT-WAH is housed in a road rugged all metal chassis and features true bypass circuitry with a special tone potentiometer that's perfectly focused for the guitar’s natural midrange frequency.

True Bypass Circuitry - Easy access battery compartment - LED On / Off Indicator
- Heavy Duty Jacks - Reinforced pivot rocker - Non-slip rubber pad
- 9 Volt AC Accessible - All Metal Chassis
- No skid rubber feet - Vintage style tone potentiometer - 5 Year Warranty