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Curbow by Cort

SKU: 215.687
List Price: $560.00

!!!!! REDUCED PRICE...LOOK - - $399.99!!!!!! The Cort Curbow is available in 4 and 5 string models as well as a fretless model. The Curbow is equipped with a Bartolini active MK-1 pickup and MK-2 onboard EQ preamp. The 3 band EQ offers a variety of tonal options and includes a 'slap switch' that automatically cuts the mid-range while boosting the treble and bass frequencies. The Ebonol fingerboard is a composite material that is sturdy yielding a bright oval tone similar to Ebony but with a distinct character. Designed in collaboration with Greg Curbow, this bass is crafted with a resonant Luthite body. The Curbow 4 and 5 are available in Mystic Ice Crazer, Black, and Mystic Orange Crazer finishes. The Curbow 4 fretless is available in Mystic Ice Crazer and Black